LaunchMate 3.0 - Quotes

"I had been using GameBar only a few days, and enjoying it very much,
but I began to wonder if it would be possible to transfer some of the
buttons from one category to another ( as I had rather overloaded one, 
and placed several items on another that I decided belonged elsewhere.) 
I surfed over to your website to see if you had any suggestions, and found
there your latest update, change of name and all, incorporating, among other
things, the very feature I was looking for!

Incidentally, although I don't often use it, I do like your auto-hide feature,
as I tend to utilize a variety of wall papers chosen for their esthetic value,
and which I prefer to be able to see. On the other hand, I very much like being
able to take a very visible launch bar with me when I go online.

Altogether, this is a very fine and useful program and I love it.
I might add, I have tried a number of other application launchers, 
but this is the best one yet."
"I think I have tried every launcher
there is (including the old Game Bar). I cannot think of anything that
would make it more perfect than it is now. Thanks for the help and the
really neat program."
"Congratulations on LaunchMate it is the cat's whisker. I have searched
the web looking for a decent launch bar and have downloaded maybe 10 and found
fault with all even Gamebar, Which I emailed you about a few months ago.
I requested spaces and catagories. You have outdone yourself this time.
No complaints at all it's great."
"I have been using your GameBar for a long time, mainly for launching programs and applications
and not games. So when I saw, at CFS, that you had updated it to the new LaunchMate I readily downloaded it.
This is even better than GameBar.
I thought their might be some annoying problems with it and that I would have to go back to GameBar, but no,
it's perfect.
Congratulations on a piece of software that has ironed out the few little niggles there were with GameBar and
added a host of new useful tools as well, you've obviously been very busy.
The best thing about it though is that it is even simpler to use than before.
A really helpful tool."

GameBar 2.0 - Quotes

"I have Your program, Gamebar 2.0 and it's really good! Simple to use
and works well. Thanks!!"
"Thank-you, been looking for something just like this, it's really 
great I use it for my desk top icons and favorite games,
now I can enjoy my wallpaper more thank-you again, have a great day"
"Tom, you are a programming god ! Game Bar 2.0 is superb. The win98 toolbar
was nearly perfect for me but it was always such a major pain in the a. to
change display setting prior to running that old program that needed
640x480x256 !

Love the graded tint and bitmap background options - I'm running
WindowBlinds (0.80) and the ability to use the same window texture makes
the toolbar fit the scheme better."
"I am crazy from the time that you came with GameBar 1.0
But I am too crazy from the time I have version 2.0!!!
It is so useful..."

GameBar 1.0 - Quotes

"I love GameBar 1.0.  It is very useful for organizing a lot of my games."
"I've been looking for a good way to automatically change display settings
for games for my children.  Your program seems to work great."  
"Dude I love this thing. I have so many games on my hard drive and I think
that it was a really good idea. So I think you got your bonus. thanx"
"GameBar is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!  Something to switch
resolutions when a game is picky about it and then switch back.  Heck,I'll use this
 even for netscape navigator, as I usually resided in 640X480, but most webpages are
 designed for 800x600.
I was about to teach myself C and do this on my own... thanks for this
"I have been using your gamebar for a couple months and find it an absolutely
flawless program launcher.....Manager.....etc. (Changing mode from 1024x768
8bit etc. back to higher bit is easy using Quickres.)
Better than the update to Win 95 Program Manager of Win 3x. No header,
toolbar and all that unneeded GUI. The Start Menu is no match in speed or
efficiency. You have got more than a game launcher to your credit. 
MS did'nt come up with an excellent program that hides itself unobtrusively, 
launching with one click unlimited number of defined programs. 
Setting up links is so simple that a beginner can do so immediately. 
Again I commend you on excellence and thank you for a much needed alternative."
No complex; no excess of features; works fine." 
"I like game bar it is very good and very useful to me because I 
use it with all of my games and I don't have to go through all of my
folders to find them thanks for making it I think it's cool"



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