LaunchMate 3.0 - 11/27/99

    • The name was changed from GameBar to LaunchMate so that it could appeal to those who have no interest in games but could use a program launcher to make their day a little easier.

    • New button types have been added. They include a Special Button which performs special tasks such as starting the current screen saver, rebooting Windows and displaying special windows such as the Control Panel. A Spacer Button which is a separator that can have a custom size. A Web Address Button which can open your favorite web sites. An E-mail Address Button which can create a new e-mail to a specific address. A Menu Button which can display a menu full of programs. There are predefined menus such as the Control Panel.

    • The categories have had an overhaul since GameBar 2.0. They can now be displayed in their own window and they have the same button styles as the buttons of GameBar which means you can associate an icon with them. Each category can set the LaunchMate button barís background with either a color, bitmap or blend. Categories can be exported so can create a category of useful Web Addresses and trade them with a friend. You can even transfer buttons between categories.

    • Sounds can be set to play when a button is activated, a category is switched, a file is dropped or a menu button is activated.

    • A system tray icon can be displayed and/or a taskbar button.

    • Add a hotkey to activate LaunchMate.

    • Create backups of your settings.

    • Tip of the day feature so you find out about the cool features that you didnít know about.

    • And much moreÖ

GameBar 2.0 - 4/17/99

-Customizable background. It can be set to a color, blend or bitmap.
-New button styles. (Including displaying text next to the icon)
-Categories. Now you can add up to 50 categories.
-Custom Icons. Supported types are .ICO, .ICL, .DLL, .EXE, .BMP
-Shortcuts can be converted to GameBar format.

GameBar 1.0 - 11/24/98

-Launch applications, open folders or documents
-Change display settings while launching an application
-Dockable bar that docks to any edge of the screen
-Autohide the bar just like the Windows taskbar.
-Unlimited number of buttons
-Displays icon either small or larger.



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